Edge Gluing

Edge Gluing

Techwood LLC Techwood LLCMay 13, '19

Edge gluing joins the edges of solid wood boards to produce a much wider final board.

Many boards can be joined in this way, and maximum widths can be impressive compared even to sheet goods like plywoods and composite panels.

Where can you find a single piece 14 foot long (4.27m) by 6 foot wide (1.83m) panel of high-quality plywood or other panel material?

Techwood has them, all made of premium solid wood, and even larger if needed.

Edge gluing allows us to not only make very large panels but very complex combinations of sizes, materials, grain orientations, and thicknesses.

Edge gluing combined with a next step of cutting panels apart and then regluing them in different ways opens an almost unlimited number of final configurations that can be made.

Edge gluing, combined with face gluing increases the number of options again, limited only by creativity.

Our technology takes wood to a new level of aesthetic, economic and functional advantage.