Finger Jointing

Finger Jointing

Techwood LLC Techwood LLCMay 13, '19

Finger jointing is a method of joining short wood segments using a board's end grain boundary to create a new and longer board with a continuous natural, as-grown, grain orientation.

This time-proven technique goes back over 4500 years and continues to be a way to make good wood better and longer at the same time.

Our finger joints are machine made and the final joint is strong and can only be seen by the grain color changes from board to board.

The joint itself is invisible.

The glues used are very strong, water resistant and chemically non-toxic.

The board segments are trimmed from longer quality stock to remove any and all blemishes, flaws, knots, cracks, splits, wane, rot, pinholes or other defects that normally are found in boards.

Removing all the defects also makes these glued up blanks excellent for turning and molding blanks as the glue line acts like the parent wood and goes through the whole joint with no voids.

Larger edge and face glued products can also be custom made in this technique to provide consistent posts, beams or other shapes.