Grain Oriented for Stability and StrengthVery Consistent Finished Material

Techwood glued panels and shapes are very stable and consistent.

The process of joining wood changes the grain orientation so that adjacent pieces tend to structurally complement each other, resulting in a more stable overall structure.

This grain balancing also makes the overall movement of any part of the panel or shape more consistent and less prone to any large distortion in one specific direction as with single continuous grain boards.

In multi-layer products, the alternate layering of the board's grain directions creates a unified and ultra stable finished structure, with very small movements allowed in any one direction.

Techwood panels and shapes do not warp or move over time, or when exposed to heat, humidity and moisture.

This is very important in larger and wider panels used in casework and frames.

It is also a key advantage in counter tops used in places where water, steam and heat occur, like kitchens and bathrooms.

Finger jointed boards and blanks are also less likely to distort during processing thanks to the grain balancing that results from joining end grain to end grain.