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If you have ever made a laminated panel or structural shape by hand, you know how difficult, time consuming and expensive it can be.

Welcome to Techwood!

We do this every day and at a cost and quality not matched by any other method or company.

In some cases, our finished and shipped product is only 10% of the real cost of low volume 'hand layup' methods.

Edge gluing, face gluing and finger jointing require special production tools, experience and techniques.

We have been doing this since 1990 and can give you a huge cost and time advantage in the production of your products.

We have a series of standard panels in both Alder and Walnut.

These are called ProPanels and are used extensively by furniture and cabinet makers worldwide.

We are experts in providing cost effective custom panels in high or low volumes.

And when we say high volume, we mean multiple 40 foot containers and more.

Buy combining both ProPanels and our custom products, we can help you get your high quality designs to the market faster and at lower cost.