Selecting Panel ElementsFast and Accurate Panel Layup

The surface-planed staves now arrive at the critical panel layup station to be sorted and color matched to make a final panel.

The boards are quickly examined and arranged to create the highest quality panel possible from the raw staves coming in.

Each panel is graded as to front and back quality.

The highest panel grade is AA, followed by AB, BB and BC.

Sides graded A are perfect and are the most valuable.

During the inspection and layup process, the grader draws a fast crayon line across the final panel design.

The crayon line allows the panels to be quickly reordered in the proper sequence at the gluing station.

A final pre-gluing inspection is also performed here.

Optimal grading and panel assembly at this station is key to the quality and value of the final product.

This is a very fast and complex process.