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Techwood ProPanels:
Quality solid wood panels,

ProPanels are our standard range of panel types and sizes that fit the configurations most requested over the years by industry.

We offer this standard range of specifications and prices so you can get off to a quick and controlled start with your projects.

Using our high quality panels can in many cases be only 10% of the cost of low volume 'hand made' panels.

ProPanels panels are generally in stock, or can be on the truck the next day.

Each panel is flat, sanded on both sides, fully edged and ready for your manufacturing process.

We also quickly create any custom specification that you require, and do it to provide the same high quality and fast turnaround as our standard ProPanels.

Large or small quantities are processed with the same rapid turnaround.

Significant cost discounts are made orders over 500 board feet (1.18 cubic meters).