Fast Growing SpeciesAlder in a Prolific Northewest Hardwood

Both Alder and Walnut are renewable resources and have a good long term availability at reasonable prices.

Alder is a very fast growing and prolific hardwood that grows in a large biorange in the Northwest United States.

The growing range goes from just above Los Angeles California, up the coast to the top of what is known as
Southern Alaska.

It is a fast growing and water loving coastal tree that can be harvested in less than 20 years in some places.

Alder trees grow up to105 feet (32m) high with trunks up to 22 inches (559mm) in diameter.

The Northwest has a number of sawmills that specialize in Alder lumber and offer excellent quality and prices.

This fast growing and prolific hardwood is becoming the named replacement for Birch in many designs thanks to its overall workability, aesthetic character, reasonable costs and long term availability.