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We manufacture both full stave* and finger jointed products.

These products can be panels, shapes or custom constructions to suit your project needs.

We use beautiful Alder and Walnut hardwoods.

Due to the similar physical properties of Alder and Walnut, they can both be joined to produce stable and structurally sound panels of almost any size and design.

Alder is a hardwood that has a fine regular grain and light honey color.

It is one of the most versatile hardwoods available in sustainable commercial quantities at reasonable and stable prices.

Walnut needs no introduction and is considered one of the classic high end dark hardwoods of all time.

Its use in quality products goes back thousands of years and continues today.

On the left are a few small sample panels, about 18 inches (457 mm) square, showing our edge gluing techniques.

The consistent precision of our joining technology adds to the inherent beauty of the wood.

We also can apply our technology to a number of other species.

Our extensive experience has shown us that not all hardwoods have excellent joining properties, but we are more than willing to test new concepts and applications.



*(Full staves are boards as long as the panel being made.

Finger joint boards are made of a number of shorter high grade segments joined into one longer board.

The top panel and bottom two panels are finger joint examples.)