Special 14 Foot PanelOpen to Your New Concepts

Our broad experience in applying and refining edge gluing, face gluing and finger joining technology can help you quickly get to the final product configuration that you need.

Over the years we have solved a number of industry problems and made high quality solid wood panels and shapes very economical to use.

From very small and delicate panels, to very large and complex panels and counter tops, we know how to get it done right the first time, and at a cost that can not be beat.

As the large 14 foot long (4.27m) finger jointed Alder panel shown to the left shows, if we can ship it, we can almost always make it for you.

Our company culture is one of creativity and experience applied to real problems.

If you have an idea and are being told 'it can't be done', give us a call.

We can probably find a way that will make your project a technical, aesthetic and economic success.