Alder and Walnut Joint DetailMulti Layer Face and Edge LaminationsSolid Edges on Multi Layer LaminationsMulti Species Laminations

Being able to edge glue, face glue and finger joint high quality hardwoods gives you the opportunity to make wood do what you want it to do, not just try to take advantage of existing properties of the raw lumber you have.

Combining different woods like Alder and Walnut lets you configure your product to take advantage of the best properties of each species.

You can use the more expensive and harder Walnut for edging and color contrast, or build aesthetic or structural patterns in many different configurations.

A good example would be a panel where you used three layers of Alder to make central block, and then add solid boards of Walnut to edge the panel as shown to the left.

The joints that we make in edge gluing, face gluing and finger jointing can only be seen at the highest magnification, and by the different grain patterns of the two joining woods.

In some cases where a thicker glue line is required or desired, we use colored glues to match the parent materials.