Precise Alder to Walnut Edge Glued JointWalnut to Walnut JointWalnut to Walnut Joint

Dark and rich Walnut is one of our favorite species to work with.

It is a very beautiful yet rugged hardwood that naturally gets a premium price and is historically recognized around the world as a premium hardwood.

Walnut works flawlessly with Alder as a gluing partner, with both having the same oil and wax free bonding surface to maximize glue adhesion.

Both woods also have similar expansion rates, which is important in pairing species when gluing.

Walnut is about 50% more expensive than Alder, but still a good buy compared to other premium hardwoods.

The heartwood and sap wood can be of different colors unless steamed to make them match.

The working properties of Walnut are excellent especially where durable finished details are required as in moldings, turnings, furniture and cabinets.

Walnut is an excellent work surface material for table tops, counter tops and chopping blocks.

It is often used for high end musical instruments and gun stocks.

As flooring, it lasts for centuries as many very ancient European castles can demonstrate.

Our Walnut comes from US and Canada. It is found primarily in the East, but very large trees are also found in the Northwest, and are often called Oregon Black Walnut.

Trees with 60 inch diameter (1524mm) trunks are not uncommon.

Counters and tables of large edge glued Walnut planks are some of the most beautiful surfaces we have ever made or seen.