It’s hard to find a multi-purpose countertop better than a quality butcher block. Unlike standard wood panel countertops, butcher blocks can serve as a work surface for food preparation without the need for a cutting board. On top of that, their solid wood construction results in less wear on knives and other sharp utensils.

Outside of their utility, however, butcher blocks are also an undeniably beautiful addition to your home. Originally used in butcher shops and delis, the rustic appearance of butcher blocks have made them a staple in modern kitchen design. The wood construction and look of butcher blocks are sure to bring a sense of warmth and naturalistic beauty to any kitchen.

Our Process

Our hardwood butcher blocks are manufactured to the highest quality standards by our skilled woodworkers. Each butcher block is face-glued from our stock of high-grade solid clear staves and then sanded on both sides. We use only water-resistant and chemically non-toxic glue for all our products.


Our stunning edge-grain butcher blocks are available in three different wood types:

Western Red Alder – This versatile wood is an excellent choice for butcher blocks. Western Red Alder can be finished in almost any style or technique, and its light, fine-grained surface takes dyes, stains, natural oils, and paints very well allowing for limitless customization potential.

American Black Walnut – Sourced from the Glacial and Appalachian regions, American Black Walnut is a first-class work surface material for butcher blocks. Rugged and durable, this beautiful hardwood naturally commands a premium price. Black Walnut's handsome dark brown grain and polished shine—together with its ease of machining—makes this wood truly unique.

Pacific Coast Maple – Pacific Coast Maple sets a high-quality standard for butcher blocks. Visually similar to cherry and eastern maples, Pacific Coast Maple has a very pleasing light pinkish brown color, and its fine-grained surface takes stains and other finishes very well. Furthermore, its machining and other processing properties are highly rated. We use only the finest Pacific Coast Maple available from local mills in the Pacific Northwest.