About Us

Techwood is a U.S. based hardwood components manufacturer that has been providing high-quality products to our customers since 1990. We have supplied solid hardwood components to the furniture, cabinet, restaurant, architecture, and design industries; shipping over three thousand truckloads and containers globally since we were established.

Our plant is located northwest of the city of Shelton in Washington State and is conveniently located near main transportation systems; allowing us to accommodate high-volume, custom orders quickly and efficiently. 

If you need high-quality solid hardwood products, we have them in stock, or can quickly manufacture them to your custom specifications.


Environmental Commitment

Natural resources are our livelihood at Techwood, and we’re passionate about keeping them sustainable. For this reason, we exclusively  buy all of our lumber from PEFC (or equivalent) certified sources only. We plan every cut to get the most out of our materials and to ensure we minimize waste as much as possible. Short lengths are turned into finger-joint products or tool handles, and even our sawdust is used for particle boards or boiler fuel.




Proud members of the
Western Hardwood Association.