Wood Care

Wood surfaces offer a unique look that hasn’t been reproduced by synthetic products. When quality butcher blocks are cared for properly they can last a lifetime and grow more beautiful with every passing year. Our products are shipped without any chemical finish and can be sanded, cut, or routed however you’d like or sealed as they are. For food-contact application we recommend a simple mineral-oil treatment. Mineral oil can be purchased at most supermarkets, home improvement stores, or pharmacies, and should be reapplied regularly to protect your investment.

For non-food applications, our customers have had great luck with polyurethane coating; regardless of the product you choose it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s application and care instructions to get the best result for your project. Sealing all sides of a product will give the best protection, but treating the edges and work surface is a necessity.


  • Use USP grade mineral oil for an inexpensive, lasting, finish
  • Wipe butcher block clean and after every use and apply Vinegar or Hydrogen Peroxide to disinfect
  • Mild dish soap and water can be used to clean tough spots
  • Allow block to dry on edge to avoid warping
  • Never put butcher block through the dishwasher, the moisture and heat will cause warping and compromise the seams.
  • Lemon or lime juice can be used to de-odorize surfaces used for food preparation