Wholesale & Special Order

We specialize in producing custom panels, tabletops, and molding stock for designers, architects, and manufacturers. Whether it be for new construction, major home renovations, or custom furniture, we provide our customers the absolute best in precision-crafted wood components for their products and projects.

For those in need of large quantities of solid wood components, we offer Wholesale pricing and discounts. We have a substantial wholesale inventory of solid wood pieces, including:

Countertops & Table Tops
Solid Wood Panels
Finger-Joint Panels
Ripped Boards
Alder Shelving

Minimum quantity for all Wholesale orders is 150 BF. Components are available in various wood types, dimensions, and grades depending on your needs and budget. All of our solid wood components are PEFC certified and constructed from the highest quality lumber.

We use only water-resistant and chemically non-toxic glue for all of our products. We keep extensive inventory of Alder, Pacific Coast Maple, and American Black Walnut in stock to ship most wholesale orders in 1-3 weeks.


Our Western Red Alder is sustainably harvested in the Pacific Northwest and processed entirely in the USA. Beautiful in its own right, its light, fine-grained surface takes stains, dyes, natural oils, and paints very well. The pleasing pattern and durability of Alder make it a perfect product for centerpieces like countertops, restaurant tabletops, bar tops, butcher blocks, furniture, cabinets, and many other applications, while the resilient grain compliments any woodworking style from a hand-plane to CNC routing and laser engraving. Alder’s exceptional absorption of finish products makes it one of the most versatile woods, whether you’re looking to seal in its natural warm tones or match other elements in your project. Alder can easily match Cherry, Walnut, Maple, Mahogany, Aspen and Birch finishes, or be painted if your project calls for it. We specialize in Alder for its sustainability and its versatility to use today’s latest manufacturing tools.

Pacific Coast Maple

One of the most abundant hardwoods commercially available on the West Coast, Pacific Coast Maple (or Big Leaf Maple) is a very versatile and workable wood. Pacific Coast Maple is a medium-density wood that is an excellent alternative to Birch or Cherry. Ideal for a wide range of uses such as cabinetry and table tops, this fine-grain wood dries with very little degradation, takes well to stains, and looks fantastic when finished.

American Black Walnut

Durable, dense, and undeniably beautiful, American Black Walnut is a favorite among woodworkers; its rich, dark tones have made it a go-to for high-end premium furniture, cabinets, and paneling. American Black Walnut’s strong, hard surface also makes it perfect choice for countertops, table tops, and butcher blocks.  Often sought out for its raw appeal, American Black Walnut takes well to stains and oils as well as other finishes, and can be polished to stunning results.

Special Orders

If your project requires something more unique, special orders are also available! Since 1990, we have shipped more than 3,000 containers and truckloads of product to our customers worldwide. From local cabinet shops and contractors, to world renown manufacturers in Europe and Asia, to household names in musical instruments, our facility can get you what you need where you need it. If you are interested in a special order, please contact us for information on custom dimensions and volume discounts.