Black Walnut Select Butcher Blocks

Techwood hardwood butcher blocks are manufactured to the highest quality standards. We use only water-resistant and chemically non-toxic glue for all our products. Typically, we will ship your order within 1-2 weeks.

Black Walnut Select Panel Construction: 

Face-glued from high-grade solid (not finger-jointed) clear staves with  minimal sapwood, sanded on both sides.


Length: 48”, 60", 72”

Width:   25”, 30”

Thickness: 1.25"or 1.75"

Stave Width: 0.75" to 2"

Grade: AB Quality

(A—top  being high grade, B—bottom with some small blemishes)

Sanding: 120 grit


Black Walnut is a first-class work surface material for tabletops, countertops, bar tops, and cutting boards.

It is a very rugged, durable and yet beautiful hardwood that naturally commands a premium price. Black Walnut's dark brown look with handsome grain and a polished shine are incomparable.

It's machining and other processing properties are beyond reproach.

All our Walnut comes from the Glacial and Appalachian regions.