American Black Walnut Countertops & Tabletops


Black Walnut Countertop and Tabletop Construction: 

Edge-glued from finger-jointed clear staves.

Length: 48”, 60", 72”

Width:   25”, 30”

Thickness: 1.25"

Stave Width: 1.5" to 3"

Grade: AB Quality

(A—top  being high grade, B—bottom with some small blemishes)

Sanding: 120 grit

 Photos are shown with mineral-oil finish to demonstrate color.

American Black Walnut brings rich dark tones and subtle highlights to any space, whether coordinating with dark elements or providing contrast in a bright space Walnut becomes the center of any room. The beautiful, intricate, grain of this durable hardwood brings form and function together without any compromise.

Our finger-jointed products combine the warm traditional tones of natural wood with the precision of modern manufacturing, creating a sustainable product with very little waste. Each top is made from individual pieces of Black Walnut, carefully jointed together with the highest quality USDA approved glue, and hand finished for a unique final product.