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Black Walnut Countertops & Tabletops

Our countertops and tabletops are meticulously crafted and hand-finished by our skilled woodworkers. Made from the highest quality woods available, our hardwood countertops and tabletops possess an unrivaled rustic charm sure to elevate the ambience of any business or home décor. The undeniable beauty and inviting warm glow of the natural wood and grain have long been a staple of fine dining and family gatherings.

Black Walnut is one of the most durable and beautiful species available in North America. Walnut is a very resilient hardwood for butcher blocks, countertops, bar tops, or any work surface demanding the highest standard of form and function. The beautiful dark tones and intricate grain patterns of American Black Walnut stand out as an ideal choice for premium high-end countertops and tabletops

Our Walnut panels are sourced from the Glacial and Appalachian regions, edge-glued from solid staves, sanded top and bottom, and hand finished by our experienced wood workers. These panels hold up to the most precise routing, CNC, and other manufacturing methods to fit any project.



Edge-glued from solid Select staves.

Length: up to 96”

Width: up to 48”

Thickness: 1.25” or 1.75"

Stave Width: 1.5”to 3" and wider

Grade: Select

Sanding: 120 grit

Minimum Quantity: 150 BF

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