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Custom Hardwood Countertops

Techwood custom countertops can bring warmth and character to any space. Every step of our manufacturing, from the sustainable harvest of trees to the milling and our finish work is done in the United States. We offer finger-jointed countertops balancing the classic warmth of hardwood with the sustainability of modern manufacturing by using every possible inch of our lumber. Premium solid butcher blocks are available up to 95" when your space needs a centerpiece with no compromises.

We specialize in Western Red Alder for an affordable and easy to install product; easy to work with any tool from a hand-plane to a CNC, alder is a favorite of do-it-yourself installers and professionals alike. Alder's pleasing clear grain and light color bring a warm light to your space and offer a perfect complement to any style of cabinets.

Our finger-jointed Ash countertops are selected for their weight and rich, figured, grain to give the same utility and easy tooling as Alder, but with more character.

Pacific Coast or Big Leaf Maple has a beautiful subtle grain that draws the eye without distracting from the whole. It offers a step up in hardness and a traditional Northwest charm while still offering an easy installation and finishing experience.

Black Walnut's rich dark tones become the centerpiece of any room and stand out equally as a contrast to classic light cabinets or a touch of tradition in a modern kitchen. The wood is beautiful and durable with stunning colors and natural grain that perfectly balance form and function. The charm and durability of natural Walnut countertops make the upgrade feel like an investment; not an expense.

Let us know the style you're looking for, and the size you need, and your countertops will be ready in 2-3 weeks.